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Argo - San Antonio, Texas

ACS needed to set forms in addition to shooting grades on the floor so we knew the exact depth of topping every 5 feet.. This picture shows the floor after the deep fill. Notice the dowels showing through from our original floor set-up. The green appearance on the floor is because we have already primed for the finish pour.


Commercial - Floor Leveling


Structure Tone Southwest - San Antonio, Texas

Intertech Flooring - San Antonio, TX




ACS has worked on commercial jobsites all over Texas and surrounding states.  We have done countless floor leveling jobs, epoxy coatings and other specialty finishes. . 

On the Argo project in San Antonio, ACS worked with Intertech Flooring and Structure Tone Southwest to level 4 floors of a high rise building. This project was filled with challenges and I would be willing to bet that only a handful of contractors could pull off this scope of work in the allotted time.

The floor was out of level as much as 2" in several areas. The specified product was a self-leveling underlayment from Mapei so ACS went to work shooting grades and setting up a plan that would bring the floor within tolerance of the finished floor goods. ACS had to begin stocking at night so we were able to pour during the day. Because the project was in the middle of downtown San Antonio, ACS had to bring a pump onto the 13th floor and pump to the 10th, 11th and 12th floors in addtion to a small area on 13.

Because of product specifications, ACS was forced to pour in two lifts. We set the dept of topping and poured the deep fill one day and then primed and poured the second lift on the next.What we were able to achieve was a floor that was flat and within a strict floor tolerance. We installed more than 11,000 bags of material over 67,000 square feet on 4 floors. General Contractor and flooring contractor lauded ACS for its professionalism and performance in tough conditions. Mark Jones with Intertech Flooring said "You guys are great. We appreciate the way you handled the project in downtown SA. Not always an easy task. ACS made us look good." Mark and the rest of the Intertech team need no help looking good but we really appreciate the kind words!

ACS has the best finishers in the business. Our crew member on the left is pouring the product while the person on the right finishes the product to provide a smooth, flat surface. While it is difficult to tell the condition of the floor, this is one of the floors 12 hours after ACS completed the pour! Light trades are able to resume work within hours which keeps the contractor moving forward. A huge benefit to having ACS complete the floor prep on any commercial project.

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