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Argo - San Antonio, Texas

Meticulous Preparation. ACS installing the moisture mitigation in a hallway at Virbac. Ready for Carpet - whether we are simply leveling the floor or doing the moisture mitigation and floor leveling, this is what you get when we leave.


Commercial - Moisture Mitigation


Pacific Builders - Dallas, Texas


Virbac Corporation


ACS has worked on commercial jobsites all over Texas and surrounding states.  We have done countless floor leveling jobs, epoxy coatings and other specialty finishes.  In this featured project in Fort Worth, Texas we used a moisture mitigation product and a cement topping.

Our friends at Carpet Services were contracted to install the finished flooring for Pacific Builders.  Unfortunately they found that the concrete slab had a Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) that exceeded the acceptable limits for installing a finished floor. ACS was contacted to install a moisture mitigator and install a cementitious topping on the floor.

The solutions for this project was to use Planiseal VS from Mapei for the moisture mitigation.  As is typical with most commercial projects, when we are contacted, our flooring solution needs to be done correctly but it also has to be done FAST!  In order to keep the general contractor and finished floor installer on track, we used two different products as the topping over the Planiseal VS.  We used Ultraplan 1 Plus which has a faster curing time on one half of the project so that the finished floor could be laid in a matter of hours.  Once we were able to turn a large area over to the finished floor contractor, we then switched to Novoplan 2 which allowed us to provide a cost saving and not lose any performance.

We are excited about the success of this project.  Once again, we were asked to perform under the pressure of a firm deadline and we were able to complete the project within that timeline and also deliver a high quality finished product.

After Installation of Moisture Mitigator -This photo shows a concrete floor after the moisture mitigation product has been installed by ACS' crews. Detailed Floor Preparation -. Like most jobs, the preparation is key. ACS owns its own shotblasting equipment to adequately prepare each floor prior to installation of moisture mitigation or self-leveling products.

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